Occam have successfully delivered over 30 solutions containing Apteco's Data Visualisation and Campaign Management technologies.

Our Apteco team is comprised of some of the most experienced Apteco talent in the UK which allows Occam to scope, install, configure and deploy the complete range of technologies from Apteco. Our Accredited Trainer status means that we can also  help our clients to better leverage their investment in the technology. We have also integrated Apteco data visualisation and modelling technology into our Accelero marketing platform to help clients realise this Data Driven Marketing dream faster and more cost effectively.

Why Apteco?

Apteco are an established name in the data visualisation space, their Discoverer product provides marketers and other business users with the tools to turn raw data into meaningful insight. Furthermore, their PeopleStage campaign management technology takes that insight and allows it to power interactions and communication across multiple touchpoints. This tight integration between insight and action is a key component behind why we have, and continue to be a committed Apteco partner.

For all Apteco enquiries please contact us here

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