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Exploring, filtering and analysing large and complex data sets?

Make it easier and faster with i2.

More than 4,500 organisations globally already rely on i2. It’s the multi-dimensional visualisation, analysis and modelling tool that helps your business tap into vast quantities of structured and unstructured information from multiple sources.

The intelligence i2 provides can help you anticipate threats, generate leads, securely share information and take the steps needed to boost the security of citizens, customers and shareholders.

How does i2 help you?

  • Visualise and analyse intelligence relating to threat and fraud analytics, allowing analysts and investigators to quickly identify connections, patterns and trends in multiple complex data sets.

  • Model data the way your analysts think, in a single investigative or analytical environment - yielding faster analysis, strategic reports, briefings and bulletins.

  • Organise vast quantities of seemingly unrelated data to provide tactical, strategic and command-level users with access to shared data in single or multiple consolidated repositories.

Data rich but intelligence poor?

Turn data to your advantage. i2 can help you:

  • Make smarter, more informed decisions with a centralised, aggregated view of information from disparate sources.
  • Increase organisational efficiency and effectiveness through a shared environment that allows analysts to build on the work of others.
  • Improve situational awareness across operational communities through on-demand, intuitive analysis and visualisation tools.
  • Honour “need-to-know” and “need-to-share” requirements with robust, configurable, pervasive and security-rich architecture.
  • Integrate with existing infrastructures using a scalable, extensible, service-oriented analytical platform.
  • Analyse historical and real-time trends and patterns.
  • Make existing analysis and investigation team significantly more efficient and effective, so they benefit ROI faster.

Support internal strategy and investigative needs with flexible data acquisition.

Choose your i2

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook

Rich visual analysis capabilities, with flexible data acquisition options and simple communication of complex information, helps analysts quickly turn large sets

of disparate information into high-quality, actionable intelligence to help identify, predict and prevent criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities.

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium

Enhanced data management, information discovery, and charting to address increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data. Designed for a single user, Notebook Premium enables data to be collected without needing to put the content into a chart first, so collected intelligence can be searched and managed from a single location.

IBM i2 iBase

The comprehensive SQL server database application that enables your analysts to capture, control, analyse and disseminate multi-source data in a secure environment. Add optional i2 iBase Geographic Information System Interfaces to investigate data by its relationship to other data in i2 iBase and with respect to its geographical context.

Occam can help you get more from i2, helping you select, implement and realise the full potential of all it has to offer.


i2 with Occam

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