We have rapidly developed expertise in leveraging their technology to answer the challenge of orchestrating relevant communications and experiences to customers across multiple channels.

Why Kitewheel?

The Kitewheel platform offers a unique combination of features that are essential to powering relevant customer communications and experiences no matter the channel or touchpoint. Kitewheel detects customer interactions across touchpoints and in real-time, integrates with whatever systems hold useful data to assemble a real-time view of the customer. This view is then put through decisioning routines to determine the appropriate response which is then executed into the channel or touchpoint in real-time. The net result is timely, highly relevant interactions.

What's more, it does this without needing to replace any of the existing technologies you operate; acting as the glue to join up disparate systems and help you deliver a consistent customer experience.

We partnered with Kitewheel to provide our clients with an alternative path to effective cross channel communications that keeps their existing marketing technologies in place and simply fills in the gaps.

For all Kitewheel enquiries please contact us here

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