Single Customer View

We have been helping businesses to achieve an all encompassing view of their customers, their interests, interactions and transactions since the 90’s.

You probably have multiple repositories of customer data in your business: point of sale  (PoS) systems, e-commerce platforms, customer service systems, email marketing technologies, lead management, social CRM tools, website analytics platforms and the like. Many of these systems hold data nuggets that if linked together, will help you develop a better picture and understanding of your customers. That’s what the Occam Single Customer View (SCV) is there to address.

How does our SCV technology help you?

  • Integrate data from your  disparate systems and make it accessible  to marketers, insight and customer service teams. 

  • Standardise and transform your data  to provide a common and correct view.

  • Improve contact data quality.

  • Fill data gaps to help with customer understanding  or inform contact strategies (e.g. screening out deceased and moved away). 

  • Manage customer identities and link all interactions through flexible matching routines to get a single view of the customer.

The Occam SCV unlocks the potential of your data; it can be deployed on your site or offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and it can be built to your bespoke requirements or taken in our Accelero platform if time is of the essence. 

Whatever the choice you can be confident that we will manage your data securely; we were the first marketing services business to achieve ISO/IEC 27001 certification and successfully manage solutions for financial services and government bodies who demand the highest levels of assurance.

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