One of the world’s most successful passenger train services engaged Occam to provide a clear view of its customer base, helping them to market themselves more effectively and assess the impact of service changes following the move to St Pancras.

The Challenge: 

  1. Create a single customer view of the Eurostar database and a marketing toolkit to realise its potential

  2. Profile travellers to predict the effects of planned changes to the service

  3. A solution to be workable in the UK, France and Belgium, accessible to Eurostar and its external partner

What we did: 

  1. Occam worked with large volumes of raw data to create a new customer database built on Sigma technology, that integrated seamlessly with internationally held legacy data. Storing all transactions from Eurostar’s core markets over a four year period, it replaced the previous ‘one size fits all’ approach to database marketing with efficient, well targeted messaging. Datasets from other countries were also integrated and the number of unique customer IDs in the new database grew to 15 million.


  1. Eurostar’s understanding of its customers propelled to new level of sophistication within a short timeframe
  2. Immediate segmentation of the database drove increasingly targeted email campaigns resulting in increased response rates

  3. Ability to accurately plan and assess the huge opportunities that would arise from the London station move and prediction of future sales volumes as a result


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