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Are You Listening? 4 Things Your Data Is Trying to Tell You

The following is a look at several things your data is trying to tell you and tips on how to listen attentively.


Four ways to achieve a customer-centric marketing

Customer-centricity has become a topic of much debate in marketing in recent months, as brands continually strive to demonstrate that they’re putting the customer first.


Digital Economy Act 2017

New changes to the digital economy bill include stronger enforement of direct marketing laws and many others.


Privacy in 2017: Too little, too late?

For decades’ personal privacy has been trampled underfoot, things are now changing and regulations like the GDPR are taking the lead. We all need to embrace the upcoming changes and ensure we are well informed and knowledgeable.


The new ePrivacy Directive - making life after GDPR tougher?

If you’ve been preparing for the introduction of the GDPR by reviewing the information that’s already publicly available, you may have noticed that a large part of the framework relates to the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations)


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