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You'll also find our blog below - In the last past year we've been pleased to share our blog spot with the likes of James Alty (MD of Apteco) and Julie Veracco from IBM.

Find out what Occam have been up to in the last year and watch out for new developments.

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The Right Way

There’s a lot that can be said about how to do things the ‘right way’.


Go (South) West

The joys of leaving London


Why you shoudn't feel pressured into going to University

The pressures of going to University.


Longing for Loyalty: How to really reward your customers

There’s something incredible happening for brands today and it’s revolutionising customer loyalty for businesses that are bold enough to use it.


Amaze One- Rediscover the 'R' in CRM Report

Our sister agency Amaze One, Rediscovering the 'R' in CRM Report


Eating pizza improves healthcare ...

Occam leadership team are fully behind supporting events such as mapathons and offered pizza for all volunteers!


Shortlisted for the South West's 2017 Happiest Workplace competition

Shortlisted for the South West's 2017 Happiest Workplace competition


Let's get together

I'd like to discuss this more.

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