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You'll also find our blog below - In the last past year we've been pleased to share our blog spot with the likes of James Alty (MD of Apteco) and Julie Veracco from IBM.

Find out what Occam have been up to in the last year and watch out for new developments.

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Eating pizza improves healthcare ...

Occam leadership team are fully behind supporting events such as mapathons and offered pizza for all volunteers!


Shortlisted for the South West's 2017 Happiest Workplace competition

Shortlisted for the South West's 2017 Happiest Workplace competition


Is the future staring marketers in the face?

Amidst the shiny, bezel-free, Super HD glow of Apple’s product launch event, one image danced from the darkness, a harbinger of the world to come.


Informatica World Tour 2017 comes to London

Discover the distruptive power of data, and join us at our technology partners world tour in London.


2017’s Data marketing ambitions: Wish fulfilment or pure fantasy?

Gary reviews his predictions and wishes which he made at the start of the year, find out what wishes came true so far.


Are You Listening? 4 Things Your Data Is Trying to Tell You

The following is a look at several things your data is trying to tell you and tips on how to listen attentively.


Four ways to achieve a customer-centric marketing

Customer-centricity has become a topic of much debate in marketing in recent months, as brands continually strive to demonstrate that they’re putting the customer first.


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