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Read the latest news and blogs from Occam including press releases on partnerships, awards and new clients. 

You'll also find our blog below - In the last past year we've been pleased to share our blog spot with the likes of James Alty (MD of Apteco) and Julie Veracco from IBM.

Find out what Occam have been up to in the last year and watch out for new developments.

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Mastering the complexity of Marketing Technology

What do you need and how do you deal with the wealth of options that now exist?


Commit to data quality

What is data quality?


Get from A to B - without going via 1, 2, 3 and Outer Mongolia

How do you cut through all of that jargon, keep stuff simple and just get things done?


Data Driven Marketing: Mind the gaps

How to fill the holes in your data


The rise and rise of high-value data: where possibility meets strategy

Key take outs from the Data Summit in New York


Do We Have the Data to Answer That?

How to create a data landscape definition


Data Driven Marketing: How to make data a habit

Bring insight and relevance to the heart of your customer experience


Follow Occam in New York at Data Summit 2016

Occam is heading to the Big Apple to attend this year’s Data Summit, starting 10 May


Let's get together

I'd like to discuss this more.

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