What is Accelero?

Accelero helps brands to rapidly form a single view of the customer and use this to power more relevant and targeted marketing communications. 

The platform consists of a very tightly integrated set of capabilities to give you a seamless environment to execute data driven marketing strategies:

Single Customer View to bring together your disparate data sources and resolve customer identities across them to deliver a high quality source of customer data that is optimised for marketing and customer insight.

Data Visualisation & Analytics –  putting customer understanding at the fingertips of your marketing and customer experience team and offering sophisticated data visualisation to unlock the potential in your data, coupled with analytical  capabilities to model and segment your customers and thereby inform ongoing communication strategy.

Campaign Management–  offering automation and workflow tools to enable the planning and design of communication strategies that operate lights out and can be scheduled, or triggered by customer behaviour and data driven insights.

CRM – to enable you to manage your customers “one to one” and join your services and marketing team together through shared data and customer understanding.

These capabilities are modular meaning you can grow your use of Accelero in line with your data driven marketing evolution.

Accelero Introduction

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